Organizing Kitchen Spices and my fix for that wasted space

My spices..
I had them as organized as I thought I could have them in their designated space...
but it was still not what I wanted.  So it was time to do something about it... somehow!

As you can probably see, there are sprinkles in front of cookbooks, and it is just a lot of
items piled into a small area.

I emptied out all the spices, sprinkles, olive oils, coconut oil, and so on...

Then I noticed something....

A whole lot of wasted space!
Then I had a AHHAAAAA moment...
and it was time to fix it so I can use that space - wasted space... no more!

So I got a large dowel rod (7/8" size) and I marked it off in 2 inch sections, and then
headed to the garage...

Cut my 2 inch sections, then got out the drill and a 11/32" bit.

Then I drilled holes into the "center" of one end of each of the dowel rods...
(don't laugh at my "center" holes... okay, go ahead and laugh! I should've used a vise 
to hold them, but didn't... so in my defense it was kind of
difficult to hold on to a 2 inch piece of dowel and drill a hole in center... just saying. ha..) 

Then I took my new wood risers into the house and painted them white...

When they were dry, I placed them onto my shelf.
 (I thought about using glue to secure it a little more, but I didn't think it really needed it... and
I also considered putting felt on the bottom of each 'riser' to prevent scratches, but since I had
shelf liner in place, I didn't.)

Ahhhhhhhhhh.... gotta love that extra space!

Then I loaded it back up with the spices/oils. 
(I left the sprinkles out and will be placing them elsewhere with baking items)

The small containers now fit under the shelf, and I placed some of the larger items that
don't get used as often underneath toward the back.. and still have a lot of room left
back there for extra spices or 'back ups'.... 

I am thrilled with how this project turned out and so happy I won't have spices and sprinkles falling out
when someone opens the cabinet! (true story) Ha.. 

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  1. Brilliant! I would have never thought of that! How fun is it to magically make new space where you thought you had none?!


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