Organizing the makeup madness..

I decided to tackle the 'Makeup Madness'...
yep, it had became a little out of control.

So I emptied the drawers completely..
washed them out with a damp cloth to get rid of any makeup residue..
Got my plastic divider containers placed back inside and
sorted like items with like items, and tossed some stuff that I didn't use,
never liked, etc...

Ah, Plastic divider containers.. Yep, they are pretty much genius!
And certainly a necessity in my house... love using them for corralling
all the stuff... especially smaller items... and especially in drawers.
Almost all the drawers in my house have divider containers of some sort inside. :0)

For this particular drawer, I also chose to use some small mason jars
for the eye liners, mascara's and that sort of thing, and one for the lip pencils, gloss
and so on... the drawer is deep enough it all fits just fine that way,
and makes it easier to see them as well.

On to the other drawer...

Which is mostly odds/ends and hair stuff... hair ties, ponytail holders,
clarisonic extra's, and so on..   everything has it's place.  

So much neater..
and I also discovered I will not need to buy tweezers anytime soon...

Seriously.. ??


  1. Hello Tina! Stopping by to thank you for joining our blog hop today :)

    Make up is the one thing that always seems to be a challenge to keep organized. Even when you don't have a ton, there's something about all those little itsy bitsy items that seem to have a mind of their own!

    You have a lovely blog and you seem to have the 'organizing' thing down to a science!

    1. Thank you Doreen. I agree makeup can be one of the worst to keep organized, as some mornings when your in a hurry to get out the door - they don't so easily end up in their place.. ha. :0) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Your makeup drawers look very similar to mine. I use those same slim white baskets to organize things in as well as some other baskets. They make organizing easy and they are inexpensive too! Have a blessed Friday....Vicky

    1. Those little bins are just necessary don't ya think? :0) Have a great day girl! -Tina


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