Bringing the wallpaper back... what?

I have been working on giving my craft room a reorganization overhaul ya might say.
It has been a challenge.  (because I keep changing my mind kind of challenge)

I thought I had it how I wanted it.. and of course, changed my mind.
More than once.
More than twice.

I then thought I had it how I wanted it.. but decided maybe I should paint the room
a different color.
Hmm.. nothing like having to move furniture for a 3rd, or 4th, or 5th time aye?

Then I had the idea of: Oh hey, I wonder what textured wallpaper that is paintable
would look like?
What in the world was I thinking? 

So now I have started over for the 100th time!
I am exaggerating, although it definitely feels like the 100th time... :0)

Finally, I am done with the wallpaper!  It looks good and brightened up the room as
well as hid a few imperfections due to the texture.
However, I quickly remembered why I don't particularly like wallpapering an entire room
 from floor to ceiling - it is not much fun!
I am certainly relieved glad to be done with that part of the project.

So here is a sneak peek... at the wallpaper I chose to use.
(stucco  is the texture I went with)

and here is a sneak peek at it on the wall...

What color am I painting it?
Well... actually I am painting it white... :0)

I will be sharing more of the room makeover soon..

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