The office move...

It happened.. 
I decided to move the office out of the master bedroom.

It will be the first time in about 7 years (at least) that I haven't had 
my computer in the bedroom.
I wasn't too sure I would like it and debated on it for a while,
but ultimately decided that if I didn't like it... I can always 
move it all back!  

So here it is... the new office.
(Or office side of my office / craft combo room.)

 Yes indeed... you saw correct! There is a touch of western decor..
Actually, you will find a western touch here and there pretty much
throughout our home, some rooms more than others.

We are very much in the country, and very much about horses...
 (and cattle, and on and on)  
I love that picture above. I bought that the year my husband and I got married,
so quite a few years ago. :o)    I purchased it at a western store and paid
 a pretty penny for it.  It has rope embedded into the wood frame which I thought
was extremely unique, and just loved it.
It has been put away for a while now, but the pastel shades of the watercolor
goes very nicely with the colors in my office/craft room, so it was a perfect match.

The plastic horse?  Well, it has a story behind it - and means a lot to me...
 so plastic horse had to stay.

The bright pink dog... it is actually a speaker for a mp3/ipod..
so it gets used from time to time, but let's face it... it is just stinking cute. :0)

Beside the pink dog hangs a set of headphones, so we can quietly listen to music when
needed. I just put a towel/coat hook on the side of the file shelf to hang them on.
It makes them easy to find, and they aren't taking up space in my desk drawers.

Coffee mug? (or pen holder)
I used some sharpie's and drew the design on it to add a little interest,
and then to add a little more color to the desk area I painted a coaster
with a pretty shade of turquoise paint.

The file/drawer cubes?
 I bought those at Michaels.
You will see a lot of those in the upcoming craft room reveal.

So that is my new office space...  and a few of the details.  I plan to share more
in an upcoming post.

I must say I am so glad I went with white walls, and little pops of color here and there.
It makes it a bright and cheerful place to work, and of course my
cluttered cork board is nearby.
(Yep, that is the piece of inspiration that led to my blog's name)

I am happy with the office move... it has worked out even better
than I expected.  That is always a good thing in my book...
Thanks for stopping by.

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