An inexpensive curtain fix..

I recently purchased a set of new curtain panels for our master bedroom...
in black.

Black Curtains???  Yep.. Black curtains. :o)

I went with black because our room is currently painted a light gray with white trim.
The bedding is white/black damask print, and then I have pops of color here and
there in the accessories and some of the furniture pieces.

But even besides that, it is almost always very bright in this room because
of the large windows.  I wanted to tone it down just a little, but  definitely didn't
want the actual 'black-out' style...  (been there,done that.. didn't care for them)
and the black color matches my valance that I had previously made for the room.
So it was an easy choice for me to make.

Well, I was looking forward to seeing them up... however, this was one of those "should've
 measured first moments" and they were WAY too short..

Uh.. yeah - waaaaaay too short!

Then I had to ask myself, do I want to take them back? Which was certainly a thought, but
I had leftover fabric from my valance, so to the sewing machine it is!

I simply added a little length to the bottom of each panel... and I must say, I am kind of
glad they were too short, because I like them even better now!

One of those happy accidents ya might say... :0)

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  1. They are much prettier now! Great idea. Thanks for sharing :)


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