Friday Favories... (3/21/2014)

Friday Favorites are a little different this week...
mostly because my not so favorite thing of the week:
my laptop decided it was done working. :(  
Thankfully I had recently put everything on discs,
so I didn't lose too much info, and I am glad about that.

Today, I am using the Mister's laptop.. and on the search
for myself a new computer. Which is a harder decision than
I thought it would be.

Which brings me to this week's Friday favorites..
They are going to be cut a little short,
lack photo's since I do not have my photo software currently,
and go a little something like this... 

(how's that for an exciting introduction? :0) Just makes you want to
keep reading right? Ha..)

-- First up, It is spring break here - and that is definitely a favorite this week.
Getting to spend time with our kids is the best.. we had so much fun.
It was so nice to have our son come home for a few days, went by too fast...

Now to the photo above...
--I shared all about our kitchen space over at A Stroll Thru Life yesterday. 
Marty is so kind and her blog is amazing... if you haven't checked it out yet,
you should. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I can make up my mind
on a computer soon. 
So many decisions... desktop/laptop/all in one/ and then
the brands... whew!

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  1. Sorry about your laptop! We really need a new one at my house too....the one my hubby uses is just about done! Sounds like you've had a great week...:) I saw your tour on Marty's blog and was going to comment but fell asleep before I could get it done. I had parent conference night until 7:45 and was wore out when I got home! But....I am officially on spring break now and go back the 31st, so I am one happy camper. Anywho...your kitchen is just lovely and very cozy and homey! I love it...:) Have a great weekend and good luck on the lapto quest!

    Blessings, Vicky


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