Friday Favorites... (3/7/2014)

It has been a great week for so many reasons...

The weather started out the week with a winter storm, (imagine that.. ha) :0)
so Monday my daughter had a snow day and got to stay home.   Yay.
Well, the snow has pretty much melted off now, and we are suppose to get to 60 degree's...
and I do believe that I am ready for spring time. Yes... yes, I am. :0)

Did I mention we are suppose to get to 60 degree's!?!

Well, that brings me to my friday favorites:

--60 degree's... and a big Yay! to that. :0)

--I used my silhouette for the first time...
   I made a matching ball cap and t-shirt set using a horse design... (too cute!)
   I also put a roping cowboy design on the pocket of a tee for
   the Mister for fun... I was on a roll! ha...
   I am really impressed with the silhouette so far and how easy it is to use.

--My Craft Room is finally complete and I am definitely enjoying the space.

--The soap dispenser turned vase brightens up the kitchen, and reminds me it is
   almost spring. Soon it will be time for the real flowers to show up, and time
   to get to work in the garden.

--The big oops - the black curtains...
   I am so glad they turned out even better than I had hoped they would.

Well, we don't really have any big plans for the weekend, we will be
hanging out around the house and enjoying the warmer temps... (and making sure
we change the time on all the clocks for 'spring forward'.) :0)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend... 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with me today!

  2. Quite the productive week! Your shirt and hat combo look great. I would love to purchase a silhouette one day. Have a great weekend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky... I debated for quite some time on the silhouette portrait or the bigger cameo... I decided to go with the portrait because I found it on amazon for much less than the retail price... so I decided to see if I would use it enough to make it worth the investment of getting the bigger one in the future... We will see.. so far I really am impressed! Have a great day.


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