New Kitchen Chalkboard/Message Center

I decided to give my kitchen message board a makeover...
Previously it was just a plain clipboard with notebook paper on it,
and labeled "shopping list".   Which works great for the purpose, just kind of boring ya
might say? :0)

So to 'pretty it up'...  I got out my chalkboard paint, a long narrow notepad, a metal clip,
and something to use as a pen holder. (what could it be?) :0)

I used a small clamp to hold the clipboard's clip open so I could paint the entire thing, and
also to keep it out of the way until the paint had dried.

After a couple of coats, and letting it dry.
I placed the long narrow notepad in the clip, but to the side.
Then I glued a small decorative metal clip onto the board. This will be used to hold
those extra coupons that come on/in product boxes that I want to keep.
Then I wanted to add a pen/chalk holder.... so I found something for that...
a tic-tac container. :0)   Removed the lid and labels, then added washi tape
to cover the top and glued it in place.

and Waaaaahlaaaaaa....

After the glue had dried, I hung the clipboard back in place on the command hook.
So much better than the plain clipboard... and a lot more function since the pens, pencils, chalk,
and stray coupons all have a home! Yay.

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