Organization created in our teen daughters bathroom...

I have been wanting to work on our daughters bathroom for a while...
which doubles as the guest bathroom.

I am thinking about adding wainscoting, maybe a new paint color... and so on..
As of right now however, I am still in decision making mode on it.

So for now I decided to get a jump start on it and try to add some
extra organization to it.
It wasn't bad by any means, but seemed to me there was at least some
room for improvement.

So I decided to tackle the cabinet, and drawers...

For the cabinet, I purchased an inexpensive shelf to add to the back of the door...

Thankfully, when it arrived the screws were short enough that I knew it wouldn't go through
the door... Yay!

It added some great extra space for several items... and then I placed the "extra's" in a
basket at the back of the cabinet.

On to the drawer...
I emptied it out...

Put in a piece of my new gift wrap that I had bought recently to use as a liner.

I glued a magnet strip to the side of the drawer for bobby pins/nail clippers.
(I do think I will have to do this in my bathroom now)

I used a simple and inexpensive plastic utensil tray for organization...

along with a colorful plastic bin, and then replaced the items...

The bottom drawer is lined with another  colored paper, and holds hair tools, etc.
The top drawer holds smaller items.
She has a makeup vanity in her room, so her makeup for the most part is located in there.

Overall it was a success I'd say... and now back to deciding what else to do in this space.
However, I am also wondering where else in our house that I could put another one
of those shelves... what a difference. Hmm...

Have a great Monday.

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