Ready for planting..

We picked up some tomato plants over the weekend...  16 to be exact.  :o)
We also got the garden area prepped and ready for planting.
I am looking forward to it.   Tomato's (and most everything) just
seem so much better from the garden.
Don't ya think? 

In other news...
After much thought, and some advice from our son in the decision making process...
we eventually chose a desktop computer to replace my suddenly decided to not work, laptop.
My photo software has also arrived, and now I should be good to go and back to regular
blog posting.  :0)

Have a wonderful Monday.

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  1. I'm ready to plant some tomato plants too...that's about all I grow but my mom and dad grow a lot and share it with me...:) Fresh definitely tastes better! Glad to hear you replaced your computer. It's no fun living without one when you use one so much. Have a wonderful evening...Vicky


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