Spring Break...

Just stopping in to say Spring break is going amazing here...

Our son got to come home and spend a couple of days with us and we had
the best time...  I think we were all sore from laughing so hard, and our arms
sore from all the video games we played together...  it was so much fun.  
Due to his work schedule he only got to come for a couple of days,
and it went by quickly... time flies when you are having fun they say.
(whoever "they" is) :0)  It really was the best, you know it's the best
when you laugh so hard that you have tears in your eyes...
which of course makes everyone laugh even more! ha..

My daughter and I will be hanging out around the house today,
waiting for her iphone to arrive... her ipod disappeared from her
gym locker.. during gym class.. at school a couple of weeks ago.
It hasn't been seen since. :( 
We didn't have it set up to track it and all that.. (lesson learned)
Since her older cell phone has been ready to be upgraded for quite a while now,
we went ahead and upgraded it to an iphone.  She is looking forward to it,
she has missed all her apps: games/music that were on her ipod.
I bet you can guess what we will be doing as soon as it arrives..? :0)

The weather has been nice this week, and that is a plus as well.

So that is a little glimpse into how our Spring break is going so far..
it has been awesome, and we are just now at the halfway mark.

Have a great day!

I will have a new post up tomorrow...
(hint: chalkboard paint)

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  1. Glad to hear your spring break is going well! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your son and are enjoying some sweet mother daughter time too! Mine starts Friday and I can't wait. I'm going to visit my daughter and then do a ton of spring cleaning when I return. The list is made and waiting to be checked off! Enjoy the last half of the break...:)

    Blessings, Vicky


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