What i found over the weekend... (thrifty finds)

We had a great weekend...
We decided to take a last minute trip to go see our son.
We hadn't seen him for around 2 months... and this momma
was thinking that was waaaaay too long. :0)

I knew it was only going to be a short visit, because the Mister only had Saturday off,
and our son works on Saturdays... but any time spent with my family all together is
time well spent in my opinion.

We arrived late Friday evening, and had a really good visit.
Then Saturday morning he went to work.    
We went to a few stores for fun while we were there, got some lunch,
and headed home.  
It was hard leaving not getting to see him for very long, but I was just thankful to get
to see him.  I have learned to treasure those moments more and more. :0)

While we were out and about,  here is what I found to bring home...

We stopped in one of the goodwill stores and this is what I picked up.
It was $2.99 - they actually had a few to choose from, but  I finally decided
on this one with the help of my daughter.    I am thinking about giving the base a
makeover... time will tell. :0)

At Bed, Bath, & Beyond I found this lazy susan for less than $5.00
on a clearance rack (score!),  it has a little scratch on it...
so this will make a good DIY project if I decide to change it up.

The adorable egg tray was less than $2.00.   Although, I kind of wish I would
have bought two of them.
I initially wanted this one for jewelry or odds/ends,  but later thought it
would be neat to have one in the fridge to keep the hard boiled eggs in.  
Hmm, I may just use this one for eggs... decisions, decisions. :0)

I also bought a new rolling pin there...   mine wore out and the handle had broke a
while back so was needing this.  Have you ever tried to roll out dough using
something other than a rolling pin?   I have and it isn't easy. ha...
I wanted this larger 'no handle' style... and it was $9.99, which I thought
was a really good price...  The last store I checked was around $20.

These 2 items I got at Target...  a fun pink/white print gift wrap, and a small decorated box. 
They were in the $1 section.   I like using gift wrap for decorating boxes/shelf liner etc..
and the little box I thought would work nicely in my craft room for storage, but might use
it for an Easter centerpiece perhaps.

We also made stops at World Market, Michaels for some new scrapbooking cardstock,
and Home depot for a couple things.

It was great getting out.. especially getting to see our son, and a big
plus that the weather was really nice while we were there.
It was quite a switch by the time we got home and it had snowed some. 

So I am curious... do you have a similar rolling pin, and if so.. do you like it?
Ever tried to roll out dough with something besides a rolling pin? ha..
Have a great Monday!


  1. Love the finds Tina. Those glass domes are a favorite of mine. I have to make myself say no when I find them since I have four or five I have thrifted. I love them! That rolling pin is really neat. And I l love the Target Dollar Spot! Haven't been lately though. The closest one is an hour away. Probably a good thing though...lol!
    Blessings, Vicky

    1. I know what ya mean... almost all those stores are at least an hour and a half from us... so I don't go to any of them very often.. Which might be best. :0) Although I would probably move closer if I could convince the family. Ha...


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