Adding organization under the kitchen sink

I recently cleaned the cabinet out that is located under
our kitchen sink... and was kind of surprised by all the bottles of
different kinds of cleaners that I had accumulated under there.
I hardly ever use any of them anymore, as I started making my own
homemade cleaner* several months ago and tend to use it.
   (*mixture of vinegar/water/essential oil) 

Well, the dishwasher soap that I use comes in
a box.. and while it's certainly not a hard task to get soap out of the box,
I thought it would be nice to have easier access to it.

So I added a wire shelf to the back of the cabinet door.

Then I simply placed a plastic container that has a wide opening onto the shelf,
and filled it up with the soap packets.
I have lots of room for additional items on the shelf as well...
such as an extra hand soap dispenser and so on.

I recently placed one of these shelves in our Daughter's Bathroom cabinet as well...
they are inexpensive and really a simple way to add a little extra storage space, so I
call that a win win.

I would still consider this cabinet a work in progress, as I am still working on
another idea for adding some organization/functionality to it...  (to be continued)

Have a great Wednesday.

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  1. Those little shelves are handy! Looking forward to seeing how you finish orgainzing your cabinet. Have a great Thursday....Vicky


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