Another nail polish storage idea...

I have several bottles of nail polish...
and this is how I keep them, neatly tucked away in my master bathroom closet.
(on a small spice rack that I purchased off ebay)

My daughter has a lot more nail polish... (a LOT more) :0)
and to store them... she use to use a large case, and then she moved them to her vanity drawers,
but recently she asked for a lazy susan..   and I found an inexpensive stacked one to see
how it would work out.
Drumroll please......

I was really REALLY surprised by how many bottles it held... I really figured I would
be buying another one to hold them all.. but they fit, and she had room for her rhinestones, tools,
stickers, and maybe even a little room for more polish.

So this was a great option, and she can see them pretty easily at a glance.
Yay for easy, inexpensive, organizational storage solutions!


  1. Fabulous idea.. I need a couple of those for my daughter. love how it lets you see all the polishes without taking up a lot of space too..

    thanks for this post. its super helpful and my daughter will be grateful to ya.

  2. Great idea for nail polish! I have one like that in my bathroom closet that holds my hair products and a few other things. It works great! Have a blessed Friday...Vicky


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