Changing a Habit - Caffeine...

Do you say pop or soda? :0)
Around here - we say "pop".

Well, I have pretty much always drank pop.. and always had it around  as an
option... so it was just the more appealing choice to me.

I have quit buying it/drinking it a time or two over the years, only to eventually return to it later.

Well,  a little over a month ago I decided to drink more water, and cut the caffeine.
So I did... and gave up my pop of choice.  

I think my body took a few days to adjust to the switch... 
Because there were a couple days of feeling real tired etc.

I will occasionally drink pop that doesn't have caffeine content, and
I haven't stopped buying our fave pop, it is still around.
(the Mister likes to have it once in a while) 
However, I find it easy this time to choose water, or juice of some sort instead.

I also figured out if I keep a bottle of water with me the majority of the time,
or if I go somewhere I stick one in my handbag. It makes it easier to
not buy something while out and about, and I drink more water that way.
Imagine that... :0)

I have not given up caffeine entirely...
I still drink coffee each morning.. but I feel better about my choice to not
consume so much sugar/caffeine throughout the entire day.

I have heard that it takes around 30 days to break a habit... I  do not know
how true that is... but I am glad to say I haven't had my pop of choice in more than
30 days...  high fives & fist bumps all around... :0)

Now my coffee is cold, and I am off to go get a bottle of water... Ha.
Have a great day.

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  1. We call it soda...and my favorite has always been Pepsi! I drank WAY too much of it and decided back in January to give it up. I rarely drink it now. I have had it maybe 6 or 7 times since January. I don't even crave it anymore. I drink mainly water and a sweet tea every now and then. Congratulations of kicking your pop habit! Hope you're having a wonderful week...Vicky


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