DIY a Leather Tassel...

So I have been seeing leather tassels on handbags for a while now,
and it seems like more now than ever.

Well I had actually looked at leather tassel key chains etc..
because I thought it would be cute to add to my bag or my keys for a fun pop of color..
and wowzer. The prices I saw -  No way...!

So I decided to make one. :0)

I had a piece of bright pink leather, so I simply cut several strips at equal lengths.

Then I took each strip of leather and folded in half, with a tiny dot of hot glue to keep it secure.

After I was done with each strip, I put them in a bunch... a couple dots of hot glue here
and there... and started wrapping another piece of leather around the top.

Then I chose one of the loops that stuck up just a little bit, to add my keychain onto..

I can hang it onto my purse for a neat color block look, or add it to my keys for a fun
pop of color.

Very simple, and since I had the leather and key ring on hand... didn't cost a thing. :0)

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  1. Super cute Tina! Love the hot pink...:) Free is way better that big bucks! Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday....Vicky


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