Western decor and Faux Cowhide Throw Pillows...

I mentioned previously that we do have western touches
throughout our home, mostly they are subtle touches here and there.
However, it is definitely more prevalent in one room in particular.
In fact, I would say in this room the accents/decor that we chose
pretty much holler western, and we love it.

Of course, it would be easy to change it.. simply take away the pillows,
the throws, and change up the artwork and it would certainly be an
entirely different look altogether.
I love that about decorating... simply adding or removing accent pieces
can change the look instantly!

Well, we live in the country... have horses, (among other animals)...
and the western decor just fits our life, lifestyle, and our likes.
So here it is...

Our furniture is basically plain in color, so by adding the western theme throws it has
changed the entire look and since the throws all match,  it gives them a cohesive
feel throughout the room.

I recently found these (faux) cowhide pillows...

Gorgeous...  and obviously, they made their way into my shopping cart. :0)
It was actually cheaper to buy them already made, than to buy all the
fabric/etc. and make them myself.

I already had a plain brown faux suede pillow that I wanted to use as well,
so I decided to spruce it up a bit.
So using my silhouette, I made a heat transfer longhorn decal to put on it... and simply
ironed it on... cute!

So there is a glimpse of the living room...

Pay no attention to my curio cabinet full of all kinds of 'stuff' that I use to collect,
or have been given.  I really need to go through that cabinet. Yikes..  :0)


  1. Oh I love the western style of your room. So reminds me of when I lived in Oregon in the woods. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your living room is cozy and inviting! I used to have an aztec print sofa...years ago. I loved it! Your style sounds perfect for your lifestyle too...:) The pillows were a great find and look right at home in your living room. The longhorn decal looks great too. Have a wonderful Wednesday...Vicky


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