Friday Favorites... (05/09/14)

This has been quite a week I must say...

My son's 19th birthday was this week and it was really hard not to get
to spend the day with him or see him on his birthday... First time ever.
We went and saw him last weekend to celebrate his birthday instead, because
on the actual day he had school, and also had to work so we
wouldn't have gotten to spend much time with him.   It wasn't easy for this mom...
I wanted to be there anyway! :0)

So that leads me to my top favorite thing for the week...

1).  Celebrating our son's birthday.  He is such a joy, and I am so proud that I have the honor
       of being his mom. I made him a dirt cake... gummy worms and all.
      (ya never get too old for dirtcake/gummy worms!) :0)

2).  & 3).  The Flowers are starting to show up around here, and the ones I planted a
        little too early are doing well. (the ones that survived the frost anyway - ooops)

4).  We have 2 bottle calves that are quite entertaining and keep us extra busy.  
      One was a twin, and the mother only wanted to take care of the other one...
      and the second one's mother passed away.  So we are raising them, and they
      are quite something.  They have their own personalities that is for sure.

5).  All the nice weather we have had, and grilling outdoors!  Always a favorite.

I could add several more favorites...
The school year is just about over for us here, only a few days left and summer begins!
This school year has went by so quickly.

I have been going to the chiropractor fairly regularly lately, which is why I haven't had a lot of
diy projects posted as i have been 'taking it easy'... and I am doing so much better!
Thank you Jesus.
I learned a lesson - not to move furniture by myself!
I don't have to go back to the chiropractor this time for 2-3 weeks now. Yay!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to all the mothers out there..
Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. It is hard when our children grow up and we don't always get to be with them on special days...especially birthdays. I'm glad you got to spend some time with him though even if it wasn't the actual day. School is winding down here too...but the kids last day is June 6th! I am so ready for summe break! That calf is so cute...:) Have a blessed weekend and Mother's Day!

    Hugs, Vicky


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