What's in the garden?

Our garden is finally planted...
Ya know, unless I decide to add to it again by some chance. :0)

As of now...
we have several Tomato plants (16), Squash, Jalapeno Peppers, Cilantro, and Parsley...

Homemade salsa sounding good to anyone else? :0)  So looking forward to it!

If I had a bigger garden space ready to go, I would have several other things growing
as well, but for now that is what we have growing, and I am happy with that.

Gardening... Whew, it is a lot of work... but as of now, I still think it is worth it.
I have found it is much easier to stay on top of it daily, or every couple days...
then to let it go and then try to get rid of the annoying weeds.

I am certainly not a big fan of the gardening tools... I use them, but a fan - absolutely not.
I can think of a lot of things that I would rather be doing than hoeing weeds in the garden. :0)

So a reminder to myself...
Having fresh homemade salsa... fresh garden tomato's... chocolate chip zucchini bread...
fried green tomato's... grilled zucchini... yeah, it is worth it.  I will keep telling myself - it is
worth it. Ha.. :0)

So do you have a garden planted?  If so, what is your favorite thing to grow?

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