DIY a Hair accessories or Manicure kit for travel

I made cookies a few days ago and used the last of one of my candy sprinkles.
Just as I was about to throw out the container, and since I have had
vacation thoughts in the back of my mind lately...
I thought it would make a perfect travel size bottle for hair accessories.

So I took the label off, which left a sticky residue... but instead of going to the
work of removing the residue, I chose to use adhesive backed vinyl and cover it.

I cut it to the size I wanted, took the backing off, and simply stuck it on the bottle.

Then I traced the lid to add some more of the turquoise to the top.

That was it.
Then I added some everyday hair accessories that are nice to have on hand...
bobby pins, hair elastics, and clips.

I can also fit in a pair of full size tweezers, and nail clippers - so this could easily be used
for a manicure kit as well. (or both)

I think this would also be a great item for my daughter to keep in her bag with
hair accessories for school and for when she goes to a friends house.

Such a simple, no cost project and will keep these small items in one spot and not
floating around in the bottom of a bag somewhere. :0)

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  1. Great idea Tina! I'll have to remember this. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer. Enjoy your upcoming vacation!

    Blessings, Vicky


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