One word - simplify

I was sitting at my computer today, getting ready to work on this or that..
and probably scan through some of my favorite blog sites if I had some time.

When I noticed this...

My one word in a frame that I made to put in my office space.
A one word reminder ya might say.


When I 'noticed' it - I couldn't help but think the word that would better
fit in that frame lately would be "Busy!"

Which in all honesty, I actually don't mind at all...
I like being busy, if it is a 'good' kind of busy.

However, I think there can also be a not so good kind of busy...
The kind where you feel rushed, and pulled in several directions at the same time
kind of busy.  That is a stressful, not so good kind of busy in my opinion.

Hopefully that made sense. :0)

My kind of busy these days... work, keeping up with the house, errands,
and vacation prep.

I have 4 different lists going right now on prepping for vacation.
From preparation of our household (animals etc) to what to take,
looking up information and so on.
I have the lists left out so we can add to them as we think of it, and
hopefully they will also help us not to forget anything. (fingers crossed)

So today I was reminded to work towards my goal of simplifying things...
However, I will be sure to enjoy the good kind of busy along the way.

So how about you, are you having a good kind of busy week?

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