Where we are at with the bedroom makeover...

We have been enjoying the slower pace of summer break, however I actually
think it has been quite busy - just a different kind of busy... if that makes sense. :0)
So we haven't been in a crazy rush to get this makeover completed.

Here is where we are at in the midst of our daughters bedroom makeover...

Paint is done, and I am really liking this shade of gray.
("african elephant gray")
The bedding has also been picked out, and our daughter chose a fun and colorful
zebra print.  Which I think is actually kind of perfect for her room... because it will
really stand out with the neutral wall color and add a touch of fun.
The accessories and decor are still being decided on...  but we really like how this Lamp turned out, and found the perfect little wooden side table for it to sit on.

It is so much fun to see a room come together...  even if it takes a little longer than
anticipated... :0)

I will be sharing the finished project soon... (fingers crossed) ha.

So have you started any projects that ended up taking longer than you thought
they would?  How did they turn out?

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  1. Her room is going to be so fun and colorful! I like the bedding she chose and I too think it will go nicely with the neutral gray walls. It goes perfectly with the lamp. Looking forward to the reveal...:) Have a blessed week!



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