DIY framed ribbon Cross project

Using things I had on hand, I previously made a ribbon cross and
framed it.  I love how it turned out.
And so I thought I would share this project with you today.

A Recipe Box Makeover

I was looking at my sad little recipe box and decided it was time for a diy project.
It is perfectly functional, used fairly often... but a makeover was in definitely
in order.

So I took it outside, and got out my can of metallic silver spray paint.

Bedroom Makeover Progress

We have slowly been giving our daughters room a new look...

Here is a reminder of the before...

Then we chose 'African Elephant Gray' for the walls...
and a few accessories...

Friday Favorites... 7/11/14

It's been a fast paced week... and I am looking forward to the weekend.
Let's get to the friday fave's shall we?

1).  My haircut.. going from really long to really short took me a while
       to decide to 'go for it'... but I am glad I did. (so far)  
       It's much easier to style, but I say that mostly because my hair is 
       really thick and it doesn't take long to dry now.  ha.. :0)

2).  & 3).  As a glass lampwork artist I don't usually keep too many beads, or
        make a lot of jewelry for myself - just a handful over the years.  So I decided
        to keep these 2 sets of beads and make myself some new bracelets. 
        I love how they are turning out.

4).  Our Garden gave us tomatoes and zucchini this week.. yum.

5).  Simple artwork using canvas, adhesive vinyl, and spray paint.
      Love a simple project like this one... (see the full post HERE)

Have a great weekend!

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Personalized Canvas Artwork using spray paint and vinyl

Here is a super simple way to create a piece of personalized canvas art...

The one I am showing now, I made this one for my daughters room.
Using a simple 8x10 canvas, some spray paint, glitter, and scrap piece
of adhesive vinyl.

I took my scrap piece of vinyl and just roughly drew the letter K on it.

Happy Fourth of July

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday.

3 ingredients - Ranch Chicken

I thought I would share one of my daughters favorite foods of all time...
It is probably one of the easiest things to make as well.

3 ingredients.. ranch chicken.


Chicken breasts or tenders
Ranch dressing
Panko (japanese style) bread crumbs

Dip your chicken into the ranch, roll in the bread crumbs..
and bake or add a small amount of oil to a pan and fry.

So simple, and so good.
We serve them as chicken strips, or I like them cut up on a salad.