Personalized Canvas Artwork using spray paint and vinyl

Here is a super simple way to create a piece of personalized canvas art...

The one I am showing now, I made this one for my daughters room.
Using a simple 8x10 canvas, some spray paint, glitter, and scrap piece
of adhesive vinyl.

I took my scrap piece of vinyl and just roughly drew the letter K on it.

You could easily use a silhouette (or cricut etc.) to cut it out...
but since I was simply doing the letter K, I just opted for this method.
If I was doing something more detailed I would have used my silhouette.

After I cut it out, I simply took the backing off the vinyl and placed it onto the canvas.

Then I took it outside and gave it a blast of spray paint, using black and a pretty metallic silver.
I also added some colorful glitter to it while the paint was wet.   What girl doesn't love a
little sparkly glitter?
Well, I know what girl... the girl that has to clean up the mess that comes from using
glitter! ha..   The wind let me have a large dose of glitter up and down my arms.
Not cool wind... not cool.

After the paint and glitter it looks a little something like this.

I then peeled off the vinyl letter, (over the trash can for the hope of it catching 
any falling glitter).
Then I took it back outside and sprayed a clear sealer over the whole thing..
after that was dry, I chose to add a small embellishment to the letter.
I could have definitely added a lot more to it, but I chose to stick with simple
for this one.

Here is another one that I recently did.
 (I used the silhouette for cutting out the letters on this one).  

I do love a simple project.. :0)

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  1. Both of your canvases look great Tina. I can't wait to see your daughter's bedroom reveal. I know it's going to be so cute! Have a great Friday...:)

    Blessings, Vicky


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