a weekend recap with a thrifty find

We had the best weekend..
We went on an overnight trip to my in-laws and had an early Thanksgiving
with them and we had the best time.
It was great getting to visit with everyone and getting to spend a little time with
our son too. Yay!

Our daughter designed the veggie tray for dinner...

It was so cute.

While we were there we went to the goodwill store.. just because.
We don't have any near where we live so whenever we
go visit them - we have to stop.  I guess it's kind of mandatory.

My daughter found a couple things,  and while I did see a few things I really
liked.  I only bought one.

A large vase that is absolutely one of the neatest I have ever seen.
Someone spent some time making this.  The glass has been frosted
in a checkerboard design, and certainly looks to be hand painted  as it has
a signature on the bottom.   It will be so pretty next spring.

I just love the little bee's and ladybugs.


  1. SOunds like you had a wonderful weekend. Your daughter is so creative...love the veggie tray! I went on a road trip this weekend too and saw my daughter. It's hard having part of your heart living away from you isn't it? Love the sweet vase and it will be so pretty filled with flowers in the spring!

    1. I know what you mean.. I have even tried to talk my husband and daughter into moving closer to our son. :0) Just don't get to see him enough. Well, so far it hasn't worked.. not packing to move just yet and seriously doubt it's gonna happen - but just had to try! ha ha.. He is coming for a few days later in the week though so I am really excited about that.
      Have a great day my friend.

    2. My daughter is coming for a few days too and she's going to help me decorate for Christmas. So excited! You have a great day as well and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. :)


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