Antique Frame Turned Christmas Wreath

You may remember how I used an old antique wood frame for a wreath back
in the spring...

(You can see how I used it as my Spring Wreath: HERE)

I have since changed wreaths a few times, but I decided to revisit my antique frame
for upcoming Christmas.

I left the burlap ribbon on the frame that I had used in my spring wreath..
 just because I love the look of it and I thought it would go nicely with what I had in mind.

Now to sprucing it up...
I cut a piece of red mesh ribbon, and got a few random Christmas ornaments,
some craft wire, and wire cutters.

I just slipped the red mesh ribbon through the burlap ribbon that I already had tied on the frame.

Seriously, doesn't get much easier than that. :0)

Then I strung the ornaments onto the craft wire...

Held the wire up so the ornaments all went together in a bunch at the bottom.  Then cut the wire
so I had several inches of extra wire on each side of the bunch.

Gave the wire a twist to secure the ornaments...
Then just added it to my 'wreath' by securing it to the top with the wire.

I had everything on hand, so this is a simple no cost kind of project.
Now it certainly won't appeal to some people's tastes.. but how boring would it
be if everyone always liked or did the same thing.

Could certainly add some greenery, pinecones, a large goofy bow etc.
The options go on and on.. my hopes is it inspires you to think outside the box
when you DIY.

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  1. Super cute Tina. I am ready to decorate for Christmas and can't wait for next week to get started! Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky


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