Bathroom Makeover progress

You may remember I started giving our guest bathroom a makeover
some time ago...

(original post: Bathroom Makeover Begins)

It started out like this:


and went to this: 


I knew I really liked the gray tones, but I had a hard time deciding
what color to use as the accent color.

After some thought..  I actually decided to try the deep burgundy
that I already had to see if I liked it with the gray.

I am really liking the light gray with the darker gray and deep burgundy accents.

Oh, and yes... you saw correctly - I am one of those people. 
I have already started decorating for Christmas. :0)

Holiday touches are here and there.  
Can you believe Christmas is coming up so quickly?

For now I am really liking the change in this room.
What is even better, I can change a few simple things out in this room at any given time,
and have an entirely different look.


  1. I like the color combination, and hey, it's never too early to decorate for Christmas (yep - the tree is going up today here!)

    1. Thank you.. and I agree - never too early to decorate for Christmas! Love it.
      Have a great evening.

  2. I am so happy to see you posting again! I sure missed you...:) Your bathroom looks great. Those colors look great together. I am ready to start decorating. I like plenty of time to enjoy all my decor since it takes so much work to put it all out! Have a wonderful week.

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky,
      trying to get back into the swing of things. :0) Been a busy year!
      Hope you have a great evening.

  3. Love the bathroom and the half table. Those tables are so quaint and I have 3 of them!


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