Dollar Store DIY Candle Holder

We were at the dollar store recently and I was by the glass candlesticks
intending on getting a couple for some Christmas tree's that I had made.
There was an assortment of vases nearby, so I placed one on top of the candlestick
to see how it would look.  It was a keeper.

Ya know, because I can always use something to hold another candle. :0)
Plus, it will add some height to any decorative space that I need to add
a little extra dimension to...  win, win!

So I simply used some e6000 glue around the top of the candlestick
and centered it onto the bottom of the vase, and let it dry completely.

I then added some scrap plaid and gingham print fabrics around it and simply
tied it and dropped in a pretty candle.

I thought it was really "country cute" for Christmas tucked in a cabinet with
my large jingle bell, but also like the look of it for all  year.

On a second one I used a pink/white gingham fabric and added a paper 3d rose
embellishment to the center and a red candle.
(I made the paper rose using my silhouette)

This look will be a neat accent for Valentines Day decorating, which
I don't really do a lot of.. just a few simple things here and there.

I like that it is really simple to change the look of it by changing the candle color,
swapping out scrap fabric for a pretty ribbon, or some burlap, or adding
other embellishments to it.

In fact, I may have to go get the smaller size vase that matched,
and make another one that varies in height to go along side this one..  :0)


  1. Super cute Tina! I have made some of these before. I love the Dollar Tree! They always have some great stuff in there! I love that huge jingle cute and the country gingham was perfect with it! Have a wonderful week!


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