Jazz up a plain clock with a paper rose wreath

I saw a paper rose wreath for sale in a store and it was so beautiful..
However, the 49.99 price tag.. no way!

I decided I could make one.

Using my silhouette portrait I cut out LOTS of the 3d paper rose design,
and then proceeded to put them together.. which took me almost an entire day
on/off to get enough for this one wreath. (and it's not a very big wreath) :0)

So maybe that $50 price tag made a little more sense, but it is not something
I would spend that much money on, so I am glad to have an alternative.
Which didn't cost me much at all to make... just some paper and a lot of time!

After getting them cut out, and put together with a dot of glue.
I started using a glue gun and gluing them onto a wreath form.

I used a bright pink, and a softer pink.. mostly because I ran out of the color to
finish the entire wreath in one color, so I just decided rather than wait to try to find
that same color I would just do a 2 tone wreath.

After it was completed, I wasn't quite sure where to put it.. but then I saw my
clock above my computer just looking kind of boring.

It actually fit perfectly.
Don't ya love when those happy accidents happen?

So cute.

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  1. So pretty! I love the colors you used. It looks pretty around the clock. I bet it did take some time to make all those roses, but I'm with you and would never spend $50 for a bunch of paper...no matter how pretty. Have a great rest of the week!


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