On the menu.. Bacon Wrapped Smokies

So do you have a big menu planned for the Super Bowl?
I am ready for it.  

Well, maybe I should say I am looking forward to it.
Ready? uh.. that is another story.
I still have to go grocery shopping, and then cook it all. Ha. :0)

We plan to have some fun finger foods such as chips and a couple kinds of dip,
 fruit/veggies, and of course these bacon wrapped smokies among other things.

Basically it is as simple as wrapping some lil smokies with bacon.. 
secure with toothpick, and bake until done.
(can also add some brown sugar on top while they bake for extra
sweetness - yum)

 (I bake at 325 degree's for around 45 minutes give or take...
 this will vary depending on your oven of course)
 and then serve with your favorite sauce, or mix up your own.

Our dipping sauce is a mix of mayo, bbq sauce, a little brown sugar,

and i toss in the leftover bacon pieces. (cooked of course) :0)

So do you have a favorite football food for the big day?

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  1. No super bowl for me, but I do love those appetizers. I haven't made them in a long time though! Your sauce sounds tasty. I'll have to make that sometime. Have a blessed weekend!


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