Other household uses for Christmas light holders

I was looking at the after Christmas clearance section, and came across
small boxes of Christmas light holders that had suction cups attached to them.

I don't hang lights with these, but they were 75% off and I decided that I could
think of something else to do with them.

So they landed in my shopping cart.

First up..

A toothbrush fit perfectly.

Here I used some on framed artwork to hold jewelry.
I like how you can still see the artwork just fine, but also a neat display for jewelry.
Would also look neat on a mirror.

Makeup brushes also fit..
possibly a good way to let them dry after cleaning them.

Which led me to this idea... 
My daughter uses a vase with decorative stones inside to hold her favorite
go to makeup brushes/items.   I placed some of the holders on the front of the
vase to hold even more eye pencils/tweezers and so on.   Could put them all
the way around this vase if she wanted.  How cute is that? :0)

and of course regular Pens/Pencils work well too.

So there ya go.. a few fun idea's if you have some of these
doodads lying around. :0)

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