DIY Cork Coasters

After changing and rearranging furniture recently I decided I needed
to get some coasters.

Which as a DIY'er..
Yep those DIY wheels started turning, and I remembered I actually had
some sheets of cork in my craft room.  So here we go.. :0)

So I got out a sheet of cork, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and scrap piece of
adhesive vinyl.  (to add some pizazz to the coasters of course)

Then I measured the cork - 12" x 12".

That's easy enough, so I used my ruler to mark off 4" squares, which will give me
9 coasters altogether.

Math does come in handy from time to time..  who knew! :0)

Then I cut them out.  I tried using scissors at first, but the edge was uh, not to impressive..
now down to 8 coasters. :0)  
So I used an X acto knife and that worked much better.
(not completely perfect, but better)

Using my scrap of vinyl adhesive I folded it over and cut out a heart shape, and took
off the backing.

Then placed it onto my coaster.

Then using some turquoise paint to give them some pizazz that I mentioned earlier.. :0)
I stippled it onto the open area of the heart cutout.

Remove vinyl - and continue with the others until done..
and let them dry.

Kind of stinkin' cute I'd say,
basically free since I already had everything,
and super simple.

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  1. Those are stinkin' cute! :) And free is the best project! I am hoping to do something crafty over the weekend. I have a 3-day weekend and am so excited! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    Blessings, Vicky


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