DIY Tutorial tiny bottle necklace sprinkles edition

I love these tiny little corked bottles... so stinkin adorable!
I have made tons of necklaces using them, from snowmen to tiny
notes placed inside.

I thought I  would share using sprinkles with you today, but with
some creativity you can use so many things with these tiny containers.

So I start with a tiny glass bottle and cork, a headpin, jewelry tools, and some heart
shaped sprinkles.

First thing, fill up the tiny jar.

Then I take a headpin and poke it through the center of the tiny cork.

Put it all the way through, then get your tools.
Using your round nose pliers bend the wire around and down...

Then continue to bend it around until it crosses itself like so:

Then continue to hold your loop with the round nose pliers, and with your other hand use
your chain nose pliers, grab the tail end of your headpin wire, then wrap it around the wire
towards the cork until you have wrapped it all.
(if you have too much wire, just simply cut off the excess)

Then place your cork in your tiny bottle and there ya go.

You can string it onto some leather cording, a chain, etc..

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