DVD's and Video Games Organization

Our cabinet is full of vhs, dvd's, & video games and while they are somewhat
organized.. I thought it would be nice if it didn't take up so much real estate!
I had seen this idea elsewhere on downsizing video's by not keeping them in
their original cases, but by using a file case or binder etc..
That interested me, but at the same time I hated to get rid of the cases.

So I thought about it a while.. and started searching different cases and
seeing what was available to store them in.   There are actually several different
sizes, styles, and price points to choose from.. leather like to binder type
to large cases that store them in order with tabs etc..

Here is what I ultimately chose to try..

For ourselves we decided to free up space in the house, but we didn't want to
get rid of the cases at this time.. so we actually decided to put them in a storage
container and move them to the garage. :0)

Here is the before pile & the after.
All neatly condensed down.


That huge pile of DVD's and Video Games fit inside of 2 binders..
on one shelf..
with plenty of room to spare.

Of course, I had to pretty up the end of the binders using my silhouette and adding a
label to the ends. :0)

So much better.

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  1. Fabulous way to sort and organize! I am working on transferring mine to fit in a couple baskets! Thanks for linking up at motivational Monday! Hope you will link up again tonight.


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