Kitchen Tour...

I thought I would share a simple tour of the center of our home...
the kitchen.

I guess this space would be probably be considered "Country Style."
Which is fine with me.. I have pretty much always lived in the country,
we have horses, cows, and other critters.. and of course am married
to my best friend, who just so happens to be a cowboy. Yep,
cattle, horses, boots, tack, roping, riding, and all that fun stuff.
So I guess country style just fits.

However, I would say it is really just my families personal style,
as is the rest of our home.
I don't really go by what a "Style" label is for decorating a space.
I just use the items we have, items that we like, and items we enjoy.
No matter what the "style" of the item is,
and that is what works for us.

After all, we are the ones that live here and see it everyday. 

I think a house is a "home" by what you make of it...
no matter what the style is.   or what it isn't.. :0)

Enough rambling, on to the kitchen...

As you can see we have an abundance of furniture in this space...  which I love.
I don't have tons of cabinet space, or a designated pantry so these furniture pieces 
are not only beautiful,  but extremely functional for us.

The sideboard cabinet for instance, is used for our 'pantry' space...

The large hutch holds extra tablecloths/linens, mixing bowls, mason jars, and so on..  and they
both display decorative items, old & new...

Now the other side of the kitchen...

There is definitely a lot of wood tone going on in this space... which I actually really like.
However, that is also why I chose to add in some brighter pops of blue here and there.

Like simply  adding a decal to my kitchenaid mixer , and my diy placemats which I centered one on the table, and another one on top of the microwave to help pull the color together throughout the room.

and of course I can't forget the entryway storage by the door for boots, shoes, etc..

The main three colors in this room are...  Cinnamon Stick (the deep orange shade),
Warm Caramel, and Peacock Blue.   There are also small touches of reds/burgundy shades
 in this space as well.

I like to keep items organized for the most part, and that certainly helps when storage
space seems minimal...   so the little details like taking back wasted space are
pretty much a necessity in my opinion.
Simple things like using command strips to hang pot holders inside cabinet doors,
to adding risers to create a little more space for spices.

You can see my post on how I took back some of that wasted space
here:---> Organizing kitchen spices

I think my kitchen organization is always changing.. and always improving.
In fact I am working on updating the entryway storage right now.
So more to come.. ha.

Thanks for checking out the kitchen tour.. :0)

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  1. Your kitchen is very warm and welcoming. I like the wood tones with the pops of color. We have a lot in common Tina.... I too decorate my home to my taste and am not constantly trying to follow the latest style. Who can afford to do that? Not this girl! And besides, I like to fill my home with things I love as well as things with sentimental value. Hope you have a lovely evening and Friday!

  2. This is almost my kitchen exactly and it serves it's purpose. I have enjoyed it so much and cooked so many things for my family here over the years! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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