Finally found them, Pool Noodles Get Repurposed

Over the weekend when we were out and about we decided to go in a dollar
type store and just look around for the fun of it.

Finally.. there they were - pool noodles.  (for $1 - even better!)
High Five Ya'll.

I have seen this idea before several times,
and you probably have as well.

Where you cut up a pool noodle and use the pieces
as inserts in your taller boots to help them keep their nice shape.
However, pool noodles aren't available year round, (at least not that
I could find) so I was glad to FINALLY come across them.

I have actually seen several idea's for boot tree's/inserts, and there
are so many things that a person could use,
However my rolled up cardboard inserts, well they just
were not so impressive. :0)

So basically I used a serrated knife, cut each noodle into 4 pieces, and now my
boots are standing up nice and neat.  So simple.

(I do not know who deserves the credit for this fantastic idea as I have seen it 
many times over.. but to whoever came up with it originally.. genius!)

I have also seen where pool noodles can be used for helping secure plants,
made into all kinds of games, used for wreath's and so on..  so many idea's
for pool noodles!

I think I may have to pick up a few more.

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  1. I've seen this before is a great idea! I saw the cutest stick horses made from pool noodles on Pinterest recently. Too cute! Have a happy Wednesday!


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