friday favorites (5/29/2015)

Time for Friday Fave's..

- Memorial Day was a beautiful day with some sunshine in the midst
of all the rain we have been having.
  A big Thank you to all those who serve and have served to protect
 this great country of ours.   God bless the U.S.  

There have been a lot of projects getting worked on this week..

- I finally put a frame around our master bathroom mirror.. this project
 has been a long time coming. So a big Yay! for it being done.

- I then decided to hang a rustic wreath in the center of our bathroom mirror,
it breaks up the large mirror just a bit.. plus, we actually use our mirror
for a wipe erase board (we are funny like that) and this has a neat look to it.
Plus, I can tuck our wipe erase marker on top of the wreath in the ribbon.

- Enjoying the sunshine when we get it.. we have had a lot of cloudy, rain filled
days lately.. so when the sun shines, we are quick to head outdoors.
Here I was leaning on my husbands truck near the round pen when he was
working with our daughters young horse.

- Projects are getting worked on, and a couple are done.. I cut a lot of boards
 over the past week, got covered in sawdust several times, mashed a finger a
 time or two, but I am pleased with the progress.  
 Will share more soon.

Have a great weekend.


  1. You've been busy as a bee! But it sounds like you have had some fun too. Can't wait to see what you're building with the boards! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Sorry I am slow at replying.. we had a busy weekend and our daughters birthday is this week so lots of plans and things going on. :0) Have a wonderful blessed week my friend!


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