A Goodwill chair redo with DIY chalk paint

A couple weeks ago my daughter and I took a road trip.. and
we stopped by 2 different goodwill stores while we were out
and about to see if we could find anything that needed to come
home with us. :0)

I came across a wood chair that definitely needed some TLC,
but I could see the potential that it had, and for the $2.99 price
tag..  it came home with us.

The seat had seen better days by a long shot, and someone had scratched their
name in one of the arms of the chair.. but isn't it a neat design?
I wish they would've had another one. :0)

So I started by removing the seat, tightening up the screws, and giving it
a good sanding.

Some elbow grease later and this beauty of a chair no longer has a name
scratched into the arm.. :0)

I mixed up some DIY chalk paint* with Plaster of Paris, and gave it a whole new

 *(the ratio I used for my DIY chalk paint was 3 parts paint/1 part plaster of paris and a little water)

(You probably know this by now.. the color I used was 'peacock blue') :0)

Then I decided to use a dry paint brush and 'distress' it with some black..
 just cuz.

A coat of polycrylic, and it was time to go work on the seat.

I took out about three thousand staples, or at least what fealt like three thousand..
and threw away the old cover..  there was no saving it.. :0)
Then used a pretty floral print fabric, and my heavy duty stapler
to give it a new look.

I placed the newly covered seat back onto the chair.. and here she is:

 and here is the before/after..

Ahh, so pretty!

This chairs new makeover may look a little familiar to those
of you that follow my blog..   I used this same fabric/color combo on a chair
in 2013..  and still love it and use it everyday.. So I decided to use it again.

Except I placed one of my cow print pillows on the newly made over chair, and
I have to say I am really liking that fabric with this chair.
I may be on the look out for some neat cow print fabric to change the seat
cover one of these days..  although I really do like how it looks with the floral
fabric. Hmm..   What do you think?

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  1. Gorgeous chair! I love the redo...it's perfect! I really love the cow print with that color and think it would look awesome with it covering the seat. The print you chose goes really well too but the other looks like it was made to go with that color for some reason. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Vicky.. I know that cow fabric just kind of fits! :0)


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