Entryway Storage Makeover

Entryway storage.. in a small space.

That is something that can be a difficult one in my opinion.
It needs to be able to serve a purpose, which in our case is hold
the extra everyday outdoorsy shoes/boots near the door,
and also look good.

This particular storage area for us is located near our back door,
which is the door we use 99.9% of the time.
Ideally, we would do something in the laundry room instead.
However, been there, tried that.. and this works better for us.
For now at least.

Our storage solution has came a LOOOONG way..
(to see the very beginning of how this storage shelf came about from
 using inexpensive shoe shelves go HERE)

Originally being white, I previously gave it a new look with a coat of paint
and waaahlaaa..

Love the pretty peacock blue color, and while it worked great for shoes 
it still seemed to be lacking the space we needed. 

We live out in the country, have horses, calves , and other animals.
So with a cowboy life, boots are basically essential around here.  
Something to do pretty much always.. and pretty much always a
good idea to have a pair of boots. :0)

Well, the boots have had to go on the shelves sideways to fit, or 
get kind of smushed for the most part. 

So enough was enough, it was time to give it yet another makeover.  
Third time is a charm they say.

So I decided to make it wider, and add two center shelves, which
would give us some added space that would have more height for some
of the grubby work/riding boots to fit in.

So I took the top off my shelf, and after deciding how big I wanted the center portion
to be I cut new boards for the top and also to put some on the bottom to make it more 
(The boards I used were from a free pallet we took apart - wahoo!)

After that was done, I added some small L-brackets for the shelves..

I cut the new shelves from the old top that I had removed, (Yay for reusing materials)
and attached them the the L brackets.

I then took it outside to give it a quick sanding, and new coat of paint.

After doing this, I also added sliders to the bottom because this piece 
of furniture is now a tad heavy. :0)

Then I found these neat galvanized bins which fit in it perfectly.

And in the spirit of 'keeping it real' here is the after.. 
grubby boots n all. :0)

So now we have a much better spot for the shoes/boots that need 
a home by the door.. 
(because they aren't allowed any further inside the house.. ha)

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  1. It turned out great Tina! And this post came at a perfect time for me. I just bought two of those little shelves at the thrift yesterday to use in my classroom. You have given me an idea now to expand it a bit to hold more stuff. And, I also have leftover wood from all our home improvements I can use. Awesome! I still love the color of yours...so pretty! And, I like that you "keep it real" too. Have a super weekend!

    1. Thank you Vicky.. love to hear that.
      Those shelves could be used so many ways, in a classroom is such a great idea!
      Have a great weekend.

  2. Great shoe solution! I love that you made the shelves yourself.
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  3. This is fabulous! Where did you get those amazing galvanized bins?!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I actually found those at walmart.. you can order them online as well. They are around $7.50 each. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!


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