Friday Favorites (6/26/2015)

Friday Favorites..
A time to share a few faves from the week.

My End Tables Got a New Look with antique glaze.. really like how they turned out.

We were getting an abundance of eggs from the chickens so my go to item to use
extra eggs.. homemade angel food cake.  Yum.

We have been working in the yard.. a lot.
Prep work for an above ground pool.. whew, lots of work left on this project..
but looking forward to having it done.

Fathers Day.. was such a wonderful day including a cookout at the fire pit.

Joining in the organization challenge has been a lot of fun, week 3 I chose
to tackle my Makeup Drawer .. what a difference a little declutting and organizing
can make.  It is still neat and tidy a couple days later and so much easier to
find everything to get ready in the morning. Gotta love that!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a great week and yay for getting a new pool! We used to have one and it is a load of work to get it installed and ready but so worth it! Enjoy the weekend...:)


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