Fall Pallet Scarecrow and scrap wood pumpkin

Fall Decor already?

Well, the stores are saying it is time for it anyway.. :0)

I am still enjoying the summer but of course love a good fall decor project,
and since we have acquired some pallets I decided to make myself a pallet scarecrow
and a pumpkin to dress up the yard for fall.
You have probably seen several different versions of these, and aren't they so
adorable.? so of course just had to make one!  
(or three - giving 2 away)

There's not much to them in my opinion..
 take a pallet apart and attach however many boards that you want together
depending on the size you want. (I used 3)
We just attached ours with the hat brim board, because that was secure enough
for me, but you could certainly add some support boards to the back if you wanted.

Then add some paint,
glue on some fall flowers, (I used e-6000)
and there ya go.

For my pumpkin I just used a piece of scrap wood that was leftover from a 1" x 6" board,
and attached a tiny piece of scrap wood for the stem.. then painted it/added flowers.

So fun to create something that would've otherwise just been discarded..
Easy and basically a Free project.  Some of the best kinds of projects
in my opinion. :0)

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. These are adorable! I especially love the scarecrow. His face is just adorable! Great job on both and I love the rope wreath as well. It sure doesn;t feel like fall here...it was 94 degrees today! UGH...so ready for cooler weather. Hope you're having a great weekend!


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