Spice cabinet gets organized in a unique way

So within the last month or so, I made a decision..
and my family was for the most part on board with it..
To try and cut out the processed food.. at least the majority of it.

So due to that decision, I have been spending a lot more
time in the kitchen.. emphasis on a lot more. :0)

I quickly found out that I have acquired a lot more spices since I last
updated my spice cabinet, (see that post Organizing Kitchen Spices Here )
and while that solution worked great for the amount I had then..
not so great for the now.

I have also found that cooking from scratch just takes more time,
From making bread to tortilla shells and on and on.

Well, that is a entirely different blog post altogether.. but today
I wanted to share that because I am in the kitchen "a lot more"
and utilizing spices a lot more.. I quickly realized my spice organization
is in need of some help.

(This photo is from my previous post and how I organized it.. the before: 
 ya know, "before" I  added a lot more spices and then it turned into a crammed/stacked
mess)  :0)

Sorry that I didn't take a real before photo to share, I was in diy mode I guess. :0)

So I stood there looking at the cabinet, arranging the variety of spice containers,
trying to decide what in the world would make it easier to see what I wanted, and get
what I wanted out of the cabinet without an avalanche of spices hitting me,
the counter top, the floor, etc.

Then it hit me.. I had a tiny board that would work, and why not velcro.
I didn't want to use screws/glue etc.. if I didn't have to.

So I measured, cut the boards, added the adhesive backed velcro to the
tiny pieces.. and waaahlaaa!

I just placed the 'shelves' where they would fit the spice containers..
and just look at that.

It's a thing of beauty..
seeing all the spices lined up nice and neat.

I also had previously removed the cookbooks from the top shelf to a new location,
and that free'd up a lot of space for some of my baking items and cooking oils etc.

It is so nice to be able to quickly see what I have without rummaging around,
get out whichever ones I need and avoid that avalanche
that was occurring on a frequent basis. :0)

(*update, it is now 3 years later and my wood/velcro is still going strong!) :0)

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  1. Now that is a genius idea! You cabinet is so neat and tidy and you can see everything at a glance. Cooking from scratch does take longer but it is so much better for you. I don't use nearly as much processed food as I did a few years ago. I still need to make a few changes though! Happy cooking...:)

    1. Thank you Vicky.. I am still figuring out all the do's/don'ts and reading ingredients etc.. for real food cooking myself, and with not many organic options available here makes it a little tougher. I drive 2 hours to find a lot of things.. guess I need to go on a stock up shopping trip one of these days. :0)
      Have a great week!


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