The Beginning of My Pantry Project

So I have been wanting a pantry for a while now..
We do not have a ton of cabinet space for storage,
in fact only 2 of the cabinets below are actually used for food items..
the rest is pots/pans, bakeware, dishes, and gadgets. (toaster/blender etc.)

Which led us to searching and finding these furniture pieces..
A beauty of a china hutch, a side board, and of course the matching table/chairs.
They were sold as a set and we just love them.

So I certainly obtained a lot of extra storage that I hadn't had before.

The side board became our extra 'pantry' space, and it is deep so it holds
a lot.  The hutch holds canning supplies, storage containers, etc.

This worked well for a long time..
However, I still have always wanted an actual pantry closet.

So finally decided to see if I could figure it out,
and I came up with a couple options of where to put it.

I could move my kitchen furniture around, and steal some space
in the corner.. which seems like a good choice.
However, I would have to give up a piece of furniture or find it a new home
elsewhere in the house.

( Yes, I actually used blue painters tape and taped it off on my floor to
give an idea of where the pantry would go, and where I would have to put a
door etc.)
I like visual - what can I say? :0)

Next option..
Steal a little space between the living room/kitchen, which
would still leave a large doorway and still seems to be a good choice.

(because I was comparing the options, I had my table/chairs shoved in the 
doorway space for this photo and it was covered in stuff that I had took out
 the hutch/sideboard to be able to move them - those dudes are heavy! 
So please pay no attention to the mess.. ha.)

Both spaces have electric plug-in's and actually either spot would
also be able to house our smaller deep freeze, which I made sure of in case
I choose to put it inside the closet.

Well, I thought about it for a few weeks and FINALLY...
 I finally picked one of the options above and the pantry project
is officially underway.

So which spot do you think I chose?

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  1. Yay for a new pantry! We still have to redo ours. It was the only thing we did not finish in the kitchen reno! I think either spot would be good. I am guessing you went with the corner spot! Can't wait to see!


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