Going Red

So if you have read my Pantry Posts .. you already know that I chose to
paint my living room and kitchen a lighter shade.

Well, I also decided to change my beloved orange wall..
I do love that color.. (cinnamon stick)

(to see a tour of my kitchen before the pantry go Here )

My orange wall was definitely a favorite of mine, in the photo's above the lighting
makes it look a little off.. it is actually a little deeper than how it looks in the pics,
and here were my previous choices..

Cinnamon stick, Warm Caramel, and Peacock.

After some decision making.. I chose to change up my warm orange shade to..
a shade of Red.   

I came to this decision because I have purchased a few new kitchen pieces 
lately which have red and turquoise in them.. I have always really liked red and 
turquoise together.. Well, red and just about all blue shades actually.

   But I finally decided it is only one wall, and if I don't like it - I will simply
paint it again. :0)

So after debating on different shades of red, my new color choice.. 

Kilz Fahrenheit, and Ranch House... 
and here is the result.

It isn't too drastic of a change, but you can definitely tell it is red and so far I
really like it.
 It will be really pretty for Christmas too! :0)


  1. Very pretty! I really like it. I love red and turquoise together too. Such a nice combination! I really love turquoise with almost any color though. It is very versatile. Have a great Friday and rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thank you Vicky, I hope you have a great Friday and weekend as well!


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