Pantry Project - the decision where to put it

So in my last post I shared 2 options of where I was debating to put a pantry.


I actually took a long time to decide this..

I chose to place it between the kitchen and living room.

To prove it took me a while to make up my mind,
I took photo's. :0)

I measured the size of the pantry space I needed..
because I really wanted to be able to put our small deep freeze
inside the space or have it as an option at least.
So that is what I measured for.

I cut boards and placed them on the floor.

Yes, we literally had boards on the floor. :0)
Not only that, I rearranged our furniture multiple times to make sure
I would like my options by taking up this space with a pantry.

That's not all still,
I even took it a step further..

I set up a door (which we removed from a closet), some lumber, and
hung a sheet.. just to get a visual idea of the space this was going to take
up.. and to see if I really wanted to give up that living room space for
a pantry or not, and to see what the sight line was going to be from
different area's of the house.

To me this was a big decision.. and since it was left up to me I wanted
to be as sure as I could be.

So after a couple weeks or so.. of this,

The decision was made, and I have been
hard at work ever since.

Stay tuned..

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  1. It is difficult to make a final decision sometimes, but it sounds like you thought of everything possible to test this spot! I can't wait to see it finished!! Good luck!


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