Pantry Project in progress - part 1

Pantry Project begins..

(If you missed the post on my decision process for my pantry 
placement you can see it by going Here 
and if you'd like to see photo's of my kitchen and the reason behind
my pantry project go Here .)

So it started.. the decision was made and I got to work..

I started by removing the baseboard and crown molding, and then I
got to work.. and those boards that I have been looking at for a couple of weeks?
Well, they finally got screwed to the floor.

I decided to leave the floor as it is for now..  this was something else I debated on for
a while.. rip it out? leave it? and on and on.
Budget wise I decided to leave it for now.

And after the initial shock of drilling a screw into the floor, I was over it
(the big decision to do this & all by myself)
and progress continued.

I am certainly no building expert, so I am not putting a tutorial on how to build
a pantry..  :0)
Just sharing my own progress and project - so please don't follow how
I built my pantry.. I basically just had a general idea of how to do it, what I wanted
the outcome to be, and went with it.
Using a square, tape measure, level, compound miter saw, and plenty of other tools..
and mashing a couple fingers along the way..
definitely don't do that!   Ouch!

Things I figured out..
sheetrock is simple to work with, although kind of hard to lug
around by myself, but I got it done!

Something else I found out..
Cutting Crown molding is not as simple as baseboards/trim.. oh no, it takes some
skill.   But I finally got it figured out.. after a few tries and searching online..
and a little tweaking with the end result. :0)
 Coping crown molding.. well, that takes some skill too, but I finally got that done
with a decent result.. far from perfect mind you, but looks pretty good.

A little more sheetrock work on the inside..

and of course paint..

I chose to lighten up the paint color in the living room and kitchen..
So I spent a couple days painting.

I went from glidden "warm caramel" to kilz "ranch house".

Here is a little peek so you can see the paint.. :0)

Reveal coming soon..
So excited.

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  1. Oh wow! I'm excited looks awesome! Love the color you chose. You are amazing if you built that by yourself! I help, but the hubby does all the hard part around here. I do think I could do it if I had to! Way to go!


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