Pantry Project - part 2 - The shelves

So after getting the outside of my pantry completed,
I worked on the inside..

(See Part 1 on my pantry progress:Here)

After the sheet rock, paint and so on was done,
it was time to work on my shelves.

I first started by deciding where to place my shelves.
I took into consideration how much space our small deep freeze would need
for the door to open, and then also how far apart I wanted the shelves to be
for the items I would be placing on them.

After those decisions were made,
I drew a pencil line level around the interior where I wanted
to place my shelves.
Then I cut some 1" x 2"'s to use as cleats, and using my pencil line as a guide
placed them inside.    

Then I painted them to match the walls,
double checked my measurements for the shelves themselves,
copied my measurements onto my wood and I proceeded to
cut my 'shelves' in L shapes to fit onto my cleats.

I considered a lot of options for my shelves.. and found there are so many options 
out there to choose from!

Eventually though after a lot of thought and spending a while in home depot
looking everything over.. :0)
I decided on buying a sheet of cabinet board.. 
I could cut all my shelves from one sheet, and decided it was plenty sturdy to 
avoid sag.  Who wants a sagging shelf, not this gal! :0)

Next up I painted the shelves, and then I simply added some trim along the edge to finish
them off.

The inside is now complete,
on to filling it up and organizing.   :0)


  1. Wow Tina! It looks just great! I know you are excited to have a bigger space to house your groceries. You have done a fantastic job on it! I can't wait to see it filled up! I know you will have it looking neat and tidy! Have a great week!

  2. Looks fantastic! I just moved into a home with a large pantry. My husband just doesn't understand my joy over finally having one. ;-)

  3. Awesome job! Such talent you have too-looks GREAT!!


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