DIY Kitchen Table to my new Desk

I have been looking for a new desk for my craft/guest combo room..
and just couldn't find one that was affordable and made from real wood.

I use to actually use a small kitchen table in this room before I decided
to turn it into a combo room.. and I decided I didn't have much to lose by
cutting it down to see if I could make it work in this space again..
after all it was just sitting in the garage taking up space there.

So I went for it.

Here is a quick recap on how she looked before..

Ya know, before changing this room into a guest/craft combo room and having to move
a lot of things out to accommodate a bed and dresser into this small space. :0)

So I drug the table out and decided on the width I wanted to fit the small space I had to place
a desk, and marked the table off at 19",  and I got started 'winging it' as i went, cutting.

After I had it cut I flipped the table upside down,
then proceeded to cut the brace boards.
(as the blade wasn't deep enough to get through the depth of it.)

Then I removed the legs off the scrap side of the table..

Then simply removed the brace boards..
(which was a lot easier than I expected it to be)

After that I measured what I needed to cut the brace down on the wannabe desk 
so I could make it fit all fit back together onto the bottom of my new desk.

Of course in looking back I probably could've done something to not have a 
seam on the ends..
but at this point I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how this was going
and was okay with having a seam. :0)

Attached it all back together after getting the board cut down, and then
got to work with wood putty (for the seam) and sanding.

Quite a bit of sanding.. this table had certainly seen better days before ending up my
craft table.  :0)

After sanding.. 
a new coat of paint was in order.

Remember my dresser I redid not long ago?
(You can see the post on that Here)

It also lives in this room so I thought it was fitting to use this same pretty shade
of blue.

And now this beauty has a new home in my craft/guest combo room. 

Since I had everything on hand.. this was no dollar project.. just a little time
and a little elbow grease and I have a beautiful new work area that fits my space perfectly!

See my chair that I redid and how I decorated this room
coming up tomorrow.. :0)

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  1. I LOVE it!! You did a fantastic job on it and it is so much prettier than a new desk would have been. And, you can't beat free! Hope your week is going well. Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family.

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky,
      Happy Thanksgiving & hope you and your family have a blessed week.

  2. Love your new craft table out of an old kitchen table. I just cut up two tables yesterday. Cutting up furniture is one of my favorite things to do. :)

    Thanks for sharing your project at the $10 reader build-off!


  3. Nicely done, way to make it work for you, and it looks perfect!! Thanks for entering the $10 reader challenge!

  4. Very clever way of getting the perfect size desk! Thanks for linking up to our Power Tool Reader Challenge.


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