Guest / Craft Combo room and my new chair

If you saw my recent post I just redid a kitchen table and turned it into my new
craft space desk..  You can see that full post Here.

Well, of course I decided I needed a chair.. makes sense right? :0)

And recently we stopped in a goodwill and I actually spotted a bar stool that I
planned to buy and cut down and use that, but then around the corner..
there it was.. and at a better price!

Actually there "they" were..
There was a pair of solid wood Ethan Allen chairs.. both were
in need of some help but one was definitely better than the other,
and I picked the better one out looked it over, and it came home with us.

It had a lot of scratches and the bottom portion of the chair
let me know they must've had a puppy..

A puppy with lots of teeth and that liked to chew on this chair. :0)

However the puppy must've favored the other chair even more, that is why
that chair stayed in the store and I didn't bring it along as well. Ha.

So sanding was definitely required..
a lot of sanding..
a whole lot of sanding..

Did I mention sanding!

Then finally after all that sanding, and sanding, came the paint..
Yep, the pretty shade of blue..
I decided that it might as well match the desk.

and the dresser..

Isn't it pretty?

and here is my Craft / Guest Combo room..
all decorated up for Christmas.


Can you guess what my headboard is?
It is actually the table leaves from our kitchen table.. Yes, it has 3 leaf inserts 
and the table get's massive,
but we have never used them because our table is big enough as it is. 
Well,  I was debating on where to put the table leaves to get them out of my laundry room 
and thought of this..  and it actually looked good! Ha.. 
One of those win/win things. :0)

You may be wondering where all my craft supplies went if you remember
my Craft Room reveal.. 
Well, notice that I didn't show off the closet - that is another story, 
for another time. :0)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to! It's like visiting an old friend. :) Love the chair! I love transforming an object from ordinary to extraordinary! Great idea for the table leaves too! So clever...:)

  2. Great use for the tables leaves. Love the color blue you used to paint the furniture.


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