My Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

We have a decorative rustic fence near the road by our house that I usually
decorate up for the holidays.. for the fall I had a pumpkin and scarecrow
and fall floral/country wreath.
Well, I decided to make a Christmas tree to put there this year.
One with lights was my goal.

So I started with a scrap piece of wood that I dug out of the garage and just
drew a whimsical tree shape.. nothing fancy.
I cut it out with my jigsaw, gave it a light sanding, and then a couple coats of
spray paint.
Green of course. :0)

I brought the 'tree' indoors and decided to use battery powered with a timer
lights..  In debating how to put them on, I decided to use burlap ribbon.

So i cut a little opening every so often to insert a light.

Then took a look at my finished burlap lights, and
made sure they still worked after prying around on them to shove them
through the holes. :0)

Then I was trying to figure out how to attach it to my 'tree'..
Staple gun!

So I started by getting the battery pack fixed to the back.. I just 
used my staple gun on the cord and then using the plastic container
that the lights came in cut it to slide over the battery box to keep the elements
out.   (but left the bottom open so I can still turn on the timer etc.)

Then I stapled the burlap ribbon on in a zig zag random pattern.

Lights still working.. yay!

Then I added a 'Merry Christmas' ornament to it..
(staple guns are great!) :0)

and here she is outside..

She looks pretty at night too.. and I have always wanted to put lights there but
never have before.  Yay for battery powered lights with a timer!

Total cost for this project was less than $10.00 since I used scrap wood that was
leftover from other projects, and already had the paint and ribbon on hand.
The lights were less than $6.00 and the ornament was $1.00.
Gotta love low cost projects! :0)

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  1. Your tree turned out so cute. What a great idea to use the battery powered lights too. Your whole display is so pretty! Have a great week!

  2. I love your whimsical tree!

    thanks for sharing at the $10 reader build-off challenge.


    1. Thanks Gail, I love how it turned out. Have a great evening.


  3. Cute cute!! This is just perfectly whimsical!

  4. Another cute idea, Trina! Thanks for linking up to our Power Tool Reader Challenge.


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